3 Insulated Bottles Picked for Your Travel

Let’s start with that. Water is a life necessity. I’m not your doctor, but still, you’d better have enough water, even in travel. Some beverage at the airport cost you $8 or more. What’s your choice when you really need some thirsty-quencher? Here is my recommendation. Why not bring your own water with the assist of a reusable bottle. Making it more specific, some 15- to 20-once range insulated water bottles is perfect, versatile for water, coffee and beer, portable enough to tote around, big enough to help you reach your recommended daily intake. Here is our topic today: best insulated water bottles worth your $.


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The winner for those who have a limited budget is this Mira Alpine water bottle after I compared the similar products on the market. Thanks to its fantastic insulation, convenient size, wide-mouth opening, and cute handle.

At eight inches tall and three inches wide, the model manages to keep things compact for you car cup holders, backpacks, and a large purse. Even more noteworthy is that the compact size sacrifices no insulation. The water bottle will keep water cold and won’t sweat all over your bag.

To test the insulation, we placed five ice cubes in the bottle, filled the bottle with water and let it sit on a counter at room temperature. The contents of the Alpine bottle rose by 5 degrees Fahrenheit after 10 hours. That’s quite impressive.

I particularly appreciated the fold-down metal handle. The handle makes the bottle easy to hook onto a carabiner. It also serves as leverage for twisting the lid on and off.

The bottle comes with another sports cap to make the bottle more useful if you decide to go to gym more often.

The bottle is not flawless, however. While the power coating feels much better than other competitors, it is scratched by the coins, keys or other metal things. But a few scratches here and there come with the territory. It is not a piece of artwork after all.

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This bottle seems to have some kinds of magic effect.  I want to drink water more when I am staying with the bottle. more weirdly, it made me have the desire to go to the gym more often. The TAKEYA ORIGINALS WATER BOTTLE manages to elicit imagination and enthusiasm, which a good design should do.

One major reason people stop using plastic water bottles is BPA’s adverse effects on human health. This one we are talking about is BPA-free. Be aware of the cheap plastic stuff, BTW.

This bottle is highly recommended by many professional review website. The double-wall insulation structure and the versatile lid are the highlight. The lid has a flip-up handle for carrying. You can unscrew the whole lid or open the flipping cap when drinking. The leakproof spout lid is wide enough to accept ice, too. You can keep your beverage cool longer. Actually, Takeya performs better than its competitors in most category, from portability to overall look and feel.

If you have kids, this model is much better for you. You can share the bottle with your kids with the spout lid. Another trick about the bottle is to water your office plant using the flip-cap spout. That why I call it versatile.

However, things can be perfect. The flip-up lid makes heat or cold susceptible to escape. And the flip-up handle is made of plastic and fastened with stainless-steel pin, which makes it not hard to imagine the handle snapping off, sooner or later.

Next thing is the shape. The TAKEYA is slim and compacted. You can use it in nearly all the places you would need an 18-ounce water bottle. You will not feel the stainless-steel cold while drinking at all. Its coated surface texture feels just right when you hold it. If you are willing to spend a little more on the bottle, TAKEYA should be taken into consideration at least.

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Let’s make it plain: the YETI Rambler is an excellent insulated water bottle beyond all question.

As a premium brand in the industry, YETI makes products that match the reputation.

It seems that there is nothing special with the bottle at first glance and touch. But you would notice some differences after using it a while. The bottle is designed with passion for outdoor activity. But it is OK if you are a city folks like me.

The bottle feels extremely solid and smooth. The three-finger lid and wide opening make the bottle simple, practical and effective. The lid has a handle for you to carry by hand or hook by some carabiner when hiking or city commuting. You can fit your entire nose over the opening while drinking. Just fully enjoy the fragrance of you morning coffee.

The rim is just simple and gentle, no sharp or uncomfortable overdesigned part. You can drink with the bottle as natural as a standard cup. You can clean the bottle as easily as a typical cup, too.

The double-wall vacuum insulation structure performs well on the model. It’s like a bottle inside a bottle. The internal vessel maintains the temperature of liquid, while the outer wall is what you have contact with. The vacuum between those two layers is sealed to stop the heat conduction.

Aside from the simple outline and superior double-wall, the bottle will survive some tumbles thanks to the stainless-steel material and extra-durable coating.

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