5 Best Place to See Fireflies in the World!!

Nature is magical in many ways. We are supposed to appreciate the surreal beauty of nature. When I was a child, I used to see these twinkling lights in my room just as I was about to sleep.  My grandma told me that those were called fireflies. But these lovely creatures disappear from our lives little by little. With losing our touch from nature, we have forgotten the underlying beauty of these creatures in the dark that make even the night so beautiful. Let us see these wonders in the world.

Setagaya, Japan
It’s not quite a Japanese summer without fireflies. Come see them at Setagaya's very own Firefly Festival that attracts a respectable 20,000 visitors every year. The best time to visit the magical view in June. You'll be also able to see the sagiso – a special type of orchid and the official flower of Setagaya Ward – at the height of its bloom between the end of July and mid-August. The whole area will be celebrating summer with lanterns, food stalls, and dance performances during Bon holiday week as well.

Bhandardara, Maharashtra, India
Just five hours away from the bustling city of Mumbai, India lies this exotic natural place called Bhandardara. Bhandardara Fireflies Special Camping is always a good idea. Just before the monsoon arrives, the tiny creatures sparkle and shine to emit a glow. It's nature’s own light show that amuses one and all. These fireflies bring magic to your summer night. Photographers be ready with your cameras, so as to capture the sight and save it forever. The Kasubai Peak is the ideal place in India to see the beautiful site.

Kampung Kuantan,  Malaysia
Kampung Kuantan is well known for its Fireflies. There has been an opinion that magical fireflies are only available at 2 places in the world and one of them is in Kampung Kuantan. It’s one of the best places in Asia to enjoy a glimpse of the fireflies. Lots of the fireflies nest only available here. This beautiful and peaceful village is suitable for those who want a calm environment to rest and relax their mind, far from the hustle and bustle of the city.  The adventure of the fireflies' area began in early 1970 by a local businessman.

Kuala Selangor
Another Asian destination to catch a glimpse of the fireflies as recommended by nature enthusiasts. It' s just two hours away from Kuala Lumpur. Bask in the bioluminescence of thousands of fireflies as they do their mating dance around the berembang trees along the Selangor River at Malaysia’s Kampung Kuantan Firefly Park, in Kuala Selangor. They create a symphony of light in the mangrove swamps—one of Mother Nature’s most spectacular displays.

Elkmont, Tennessee
Elkmont, Tennessee, a former logging settlement that now hosts a campground inside GSMNP, is ground zero for the synchronous fireflies (Photinus carolinus); it's attracted so many visitors in recent years that in 2006, the park service essentially shut down the area to visitors during peak firefly season by instituting a shuttle and lottery system to access the area at night. Peak mating season for the synchronous and blue ghost fireflies runs from late May to mid-June, so there’s still time to see both bioluminescent creatures. Leave the bright lights at home—white lights disturb the fireflies’ patterns.

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