5 Less Crowded Cherry Blossom Spots Near Kyoto

It’s a good idea to visit Japan in the sakura season, but everywhere you go, you will be surronded by crowds of people. To avoide spoiling your precious vacation, here are five much better spots to leisurely enjoy the sight of cherry blossoms in Kameoka, only 20 minutes away from JR Kyoto Station in spring 2019.

Cherry blossoms are the traditional symbol of spring in Japan and getting its reputation around the world. The scene the sweet pink blossoms color the trees have been charming the nation for ages.

Spring is one of the most popular seasons to visit Kyoto, which means one of the full seasons, and it does become quite challenging to see the blossoms idyllically with pushing and shoving in the crowd.

In the post, we would like to share five cherry blossom watching spots in Kameoka city, which is not far from Kyoto.

It would be nice to have a picnic under the cherry blossom with some sushi from Hattori and some warm Japan Sake.

The cherry blossom season of Kameoka is forecasted to be from the end of March to early April. Hurry up! You still get some time to prepare. I hope we can offer you some help.

Feel Spring in the Valley on the Sagano Romantic Train

The first place we would like to recommend is the view from the Sagano Romantic Train that connects Arashiyama and Kameoka. The view from the train going through a tunnel of cherry blossoms is just breathtaking.

The Sagano Romantic Train connects Arshiyama and Kameoka and goes through a tunnel of cherry blossoms, which make the ride a breathtaking experience to feel the sense of spring and the pink sakura valley.

You will also get the chance to record the grand panorama of spring landscape to your lifetime memory. The whole view extends frame by frame outside of your window and fulfills your eye by Japan’s pink spring. Lately, the once less well-known trip has been spread among travelers, so I recommend you to reserve train tickets in advance. (For more information, please go to their website.)

The Castle Moat Area in Nango Park after 5-Minute Walk from JR Kameoka Station

Nango Park, located about five minutes walk from the south entrance of JR Kameoka Station, was once the outer moat of Tamba Kameyama Castle and now is a favorite cherry blossom view spot.

There are around 50 cherry blossom trees along the remaining traditional Japanese building which was built under the warlord Mitsuhide Akechi in 1577.

You may join some local residents spending time casually here. Under the cherry blossom, the wind blows gently. Having some talks with them if you know some daily Japanese or just sit quietly on the bench if you don’t. Just enjoy the peace at the moment.

Make New Relationships at Izumo Daijingu Shrine

The Izumo Daijingu shrine (Japanese) is dedicated to the guardian deity of relationships and marriage, which is some kind of romantic.

Located approximately 10 minutes ride from JR Kameoka Station, it is a refined shrine founded around year 800. Apart from the divine favor of Marriage, the Fortune and Health are also associated with the shrine. You may get some luck if you make the spot your sakura viewing destination.

The Izumo Daijingu shrine is a place where people wish to build a good relationship with not only people but all kinds of life forms.

This spring water flowing within the shrine grounds is rich in minerals and is said to be good for the health. And Sakura here definitely has some spirits derived from the holy land.

Yawaragi no Michi – Nanatanigawa Outdoor Activity Center

The Yawaragi no Michi might be the most dreamful Sakura viewing spot. Pay a visit here if you can, and you would love the place.

1,500 trees with 30 different types of cherry blossoms extend for 1 km. Many tourists come to this spot to witness the beautiful scenery of the pink sky made by cherry blossom.

If you are a foodie, you have one more reason to visit the spot. This park is also for outdoor activity, where allow you to enjoy camping or barbecue while watching the Sakura.

Enjoy the Sakura Leisurely at Kameoka Sports Park!

For those who would like to spend time relaxing while viewing flowers, the Kameoka Sports Park is recommended, which is a flower-viewing spot only known by a handful of people.

There is also a convenience store nearby so you can go empty handed.

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