8 Creative Tents that Make You Want to Go Camping

When you decide to give yourself a camping trip, what comes to your mind first? I bet it is a tent. A good tent really matters because it is your home in the wild. Here we select 8 creative tents which make you feel wow when you even just saw the pictures. With the unique design, hope they can inspire you to grab your bag to hug nature.

  • Sleep in the air using Tentsile Tree tent

Tree camping authority Tentsile offers many products making you sleep in the air comfortably. All season, three-person Stingray, two-person Connect, flexible, two-season Vista, and lightweight, two-person Flite and single-person UNA. All Tentsile products are suspended out from each corner of the triangular base, which makes a flat and strained bed.

Putting up your tent could be a nightmare for many of us. A lot of people go crazy with the manual. Tentsile offers a detailed video to demonstrate the setup. It would make the whole process a lot easier. It takes some effort to finish your camping bed. But it worth a try. If you are interested in the tent, check the video:

Family camping with Tentsile

You can know more about the tents on Amazon.

  • Enjoy starry night in the Bubble tent

If you want an intimate contact with nature when you go camping, you definitely would love this dreamful bubble tent. People always say that get out of your bubble but now you may want to get into this bubble. You can enjoy a panoramic view through the transparent dome. Literally, you lie under the sky with a comfortable bed and avert the disturbing bugs.

  • Pop up your Portable tent in 2 seconds

The next tent is designed for a short trip. It is portable, light and extremely easy to set up. All you need is toss the folded tent to the air, and then it pops up into a tent where you can have a snap on the beach. It saves a lot of time for you to fully enjoy the vacation.

Throw and pop up, just like magic
  • Put up your tent on the car roof

This tent is perfect for those who love the self-driving tour. Basically, it is a small implement attached to your car which takes no space in your car but above your car. When you are driving, it is folded above the roof of your car. When you decide to have a rest, you just put up the tent on your roof and make a comfortable space to lie down.

  • Pump up your tent with inflator

As I mentioned, set up your tent is a torturing process. I don’t want to handle with these sticks after a day hiking or driving. Here is another solution. You can try this inflatable tent. It is a whole piece without any sticks or rods. You pump it up with an inflator. It may take some strength to fully pump it up. But it’s much easier than the complicated construction.

Inflatable tent
  • Invite all your best friends to your tent

This tent is absolutely the king of the tent with its giant space which can accommodate up to eight persons. You can have your own room in a tent.  If one tent is not enough for your camping party, you can connect several of them together which makes the tents a functional home.

  • Float on your tent in the river

Next tent I want to mention is kind of a boat. It has an inflatable bottom and a topper to make it a small cabin on the water where you can sleep. Here is a video to see how to tent float:

Floating tent
  • Grow your vegetables in the TopoGrow tent

At last, we recommend a tent for those home gardeners. Don’t misunderstand me. It’s not for you, obviously. It’s for these plants. It is perfect for lodge propagation with highly reflective waterproof diamond Mylar and multiple vents to accommodate fans and filter. You can grow some exotic fruits, herbs, vegetables and out of season plant here.

Plant growing tent

 The plant tent has a double deck structure and three houses, two for seedlings and one for taller, which utilize the space to the maximum.

You can know more about the product on Amazon.

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