8 Tents That Are Too Creative For Camping

Tents plays a key role when it comes to the camping. However, matters about tent choosing is the top priority and a big puzzle in your mind.

It would be better to choose a tent made by water-proof canvas for a sunny summer day. The pillar and rope of tent should also be considered. Glass fiber reinforced plastic is a nice choice for tent pillar. Meanwhile, iron wires for connection is also a plus. As for ropes, hurricane straps are definitely a great choice to camp at night.

Most people hold the idea that usefulness of tent is the first thing needs to be considered. But, don¡¯t forget staying cool.

1.Inflatable Bubble Tent allows 360¡ãsight-seeing. Every person wants to enjoy starry night just raise your head.

  1. Tentsile Stingray transparent anti-mosquito net gives a great view for tasting scenery. 3 nylon straps bear at least 400 kg. Besides, it can be tied with tree, looks like a secret base.

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  1. Cocoon Tree. Just as its name, Cocoon defines everything. It can be hung between trees. Ropes and nets for fixing are also provided.
  1. Podo – Camping with a group just got a whole new meaning.

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  1. You can put up this inflatable tent in a few minutes.The CAVE tent starting from $700
  1. This portable tent pops up in seconds.
  1. Skycamp – A perfect expandable roof top tent that sets up within 1 minute for travelers on the Road.
  1. This bed can be bunked in a tent to save space or added to an RV for an extra sleeping option

Do you have some idea on tent choice for camping? Let the cool tents sparkling.

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