A Hot Air Balloon Ride Over Bagan, Myanmar

Hot air balloon ride, the most incomparable thrills, which Bagan (Myanmar) can give you. Light breeze, smooth flight will open you the wonderful panorama view of Bagan. All flights have a specific route all round Bagan.


Hot air balloon ride begins early in the morning at sunrise and in the evening at sunset in Bagan. You will be taken from your hotel before dawn or before sunset by flight company representative. Start and landing place depends on wind direction. Numerous gilded roofs of temples and pagodas incredibly glow in the rays of the rising sun and covered with long shadows at sunset. İt is better to dress in comfortable casual or sportswear, suitable for recreation, season. Headgear is desired at any time of the year during balloon flight. As hot air balloon flight starts before sunrise, it is necessary to bear in mind that weather can be much colder than in the afternoon. Balloon launching depends on the weather conditions, sometimes it happens that ride is postponed to another day. Morning flights are more favorable than the evening due to weather conditions.

Some times of year are better than others. The balloon season in Bagan runs October-May. You can travel in January in the height of the high season and the time that has the most stable weather conditions. Safety will always come first and at other times of year flights may be cancelled for days on end. If this is a bucket list adventure for you make sure you time it right.

How Much Does It Cost For A Hot Air Balloon Ride in Bagan?

$340-$360 USD / person (classic service / 12-16 passenger balloon)
$450-$470 USD / person (premium service / 8 passenger balloon)
(~$350 through an agent after fees)

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