Our Idea

Welcome to WonderPlus!

Here, we believe travel is more than a lifestyle but also beliefs.

We believe travel makes change and change makes you a better man.

To travel, to wonder, to know the world, to find yourself.

Our team, a bunch of passionate guys, strive to offer our audience the best travel news and stories. Hopefully, we can provide you with inspiring travel ideas and make your journey easier. We are going to travel around the world, to explore the mysterious stories hidden in the journey. It is time to join us and to start your own journey!   

Our Story

We are a team surrounded by youth, passion and the spirit of adventure! Instead of dreaming to travel to prefer starting our journey, start our story right now! We believe in ‘To Travel, To Wonder!’ We travel around the world, to explore, to travel, to share, to record and to make friends.

We are devoted to sharing the best travel stories, to present the best travel news and to provide the best travel tips for you on our website https://www.wonderplus.co. Here can you find not only attractive stories but also delicate images and videos! All these stories can also be found on our Facebook and Instagram platform. We have 480 thousand followers on Facebook and it keeps growing.

HERE WE ARE, striving to connect deeply with our audience and share the best stories for our audience.

Meet us, Meet the new journey.

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