Behold the Marble Caves of Patagonia

The marble caves along General Carrera Lake in Patagonia, Chile, are over 6,000 years old. The smooth intricate shapes inside of the caves are the result of lake currents that have carved through the rock over the millennia. Join us as we tour the incredible, natural beauty of this breathtaking part of southern Chile.

The caves have many names, but the most famous of them is the ¡°Capilla de M¨¢rmol,¡± or the Marble Chapel. They are located on Lake General Carrera of Buenos Aires (but it depends on which side of the lake you are on) in Patagonia, Chile. The weather in this area of South America is generally cold and humid. However, the lake itself is sunny and warm, which is enjoyed by the very small population of people that live along the lake.

The caves flexible appearance causes visitors wanting to come back for more. In the early spring, the shallow waters are turquoise, which creates a crystalline shine against the walls, which allows the walls to look more luminescent. In the summer, the water levels rise and create a dark blue tone, which gives off a deeper and earthy tone on the stone¡¯s surface. The water levels are also affected significantly by the freezing and melting of glaciers, so it is to be expected that as climate change commences, the colors of the Marble Cave will change as well.

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