Best 5 Destination to See Sunset in the USA!!

The sky takes on shades of orange during sunrise and sunset, the colour that gives you hope that the sun will set only to rise again.

Ram Charan

1.Key West, Florida
Key West is famous for its gorgeous sunsets. Most people tend to gather in Mallory Square. As you are waiting for the gorgeous light show of all the colors among the clouds, live entertainers and performers will keep you entertained before and after the sunset show. You don’t need any filters here. The tender blue and pink sky is constantly changing colors, and such beautiful scenery will never let you down. Don’t forget your camera to capture the beautiful moment.

2.Honolulu, Hawaii
Hawaii is absolutely a wonderful place for a magnificent sunset. If you’re on one of the Hawaiian Islands, chances are you will see a spectacular display in the evenings no matter where you are in Hawaii. Head to Tiki’s Grill and Bar, and tear your attention away from the music for just long enough to be rewarded with a beautiful view of a Hawaiian sunset. Another spot you’ll love about for years to come is from Top of Waikiki, Hawaii’s only rotating restaurant. Just enjoy tasty food in this chic restaurant at sunset. 

3.Moab, Utah
With a huge variety of things to do, Moab is a pinup vacation destination in Utah. You can go horse riding, mountain biking, walk dinosaur trails, and even visit a winery…Now, imagine those formations under the glow of the sunset. Overlooking the valley, Moabs oldest operating restaurant sits 225 feet above the roads, showcasing an unspoiled view of the sun lowering behind the canyons. If you want to enjoy your sunset, venture 5 miles outside of Moab on the Delicate Arch hike, where youll stand below the famous rock formation with the sunset illuminating it.

4.Kodiak, Alaska
Alaska is famous for its mystical northern lights. But Kodiak’s marvelous sunsets will impress you most. As the sun starts making its way west, venture over to Dead Man’s Curve, where you’ll see the show in all its glory. The sun’s rays stretch out over the Saint Paul Harbor, as the clouds above start their transformations from blue to orange, pink, and purple. There’s no doubt that this place is absolutely amazing.

5.Laguna Beach, California
Laguna Beach is a fantastic beach in California and a great destination to see the sunset. It has an undisturbed view of the horizon, with no ships, buildings, or anything else that would ruin the view. Sit on the sandy beach or make reservations at the Studio Restaurant, which is on a cliff, and ask for an outdoor table and 360-degree views of the coast. There are lots of luxury hotels in this area. Choose the best one for you.

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