Cherry blossom Forecast 2019 in Japan

The Japanese cherry blossom or Sakura is regarded as a symbol of pure, vitality, and beauty. During the spring season of each year, thousands travel to Japan to view the wondrous spectacle of these white or pink flowers blooming. 

Due to the warm winter last year and the averagely high temperature lasting till March, this year’s cherry blossom is expected to start earlier than always both in central and southern Japan. Check out the forecast map for the cherry blossom in Japan, 2019. According to the forecast, you can choose the spot to enjoy the beauty. 

Japanese families love cherry blossoms. People attend the festival and enjoy the different beautiful poses of the hanami. Such celebrations have survived as traditions. Many people have a picnic under the blooming cherry trees. Couples stroll among the cherry trees, pinning their love on the gorgeous flowers. 

If you’re planning to see Japan’s famous cherry blossoms in 2019, there are two things to consider – where to go and when to go. During the annual cherry blossom season, popular tourist spots often encounter crowds, which can make your trip less than perfect. Therefore, it is particularly important to choose some less crowded cherry blossom spots.

Choosing the right time to enjoy cherry blossoms can enrich your travel experience. After all, because of the time and climate differences, the time of cherry blossom bloom in each region will change. Choose the most appropriate place to perfect every part of your journey.  

2019 Cherry Blossom Forecast Chart for Japan

Area Begin Blooming Full Bloom
Tokyo March 21 April 2
Kyoto March 24 April 5
Osaka March 26 April 5
Fukuoka  March 18 March 31
Sapporo April 30 May 5
Sendai  April 3 April 12
Nagoya  March 20 April 1
Kobe March 26 April 9
Nara  March 25 April 5
Yokohama March 21 April 2
Hiroshima March 23 April 4
Okayama  March 26 April 6
Shizuoka March 22 April 3
Nagano April 10 April 19

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