Crazy Adventure at Kjerag, Norway-Let’s Fly

At 1084 meters, Kjerag towers above the other peaks along the Lysefjord. It has been traditional to admire this mountain face from the fjord, but in recent years, it has become increasingly popular to walk up the path to the plateau.

Most people are happy just to enjoy the view of the Lysefjord from the plateau itself, but for some hikers, the climax of the excursion is to be photographed on the Kjeragbolten, a round rock wedged solidly in a mountain crevice. Kjerag has also become a popular attraction for mountain climbers and base jumpers.

Here is a video about base jumping at Kjerag. These guys are definitely crazy.

At mountain Kjerag, in one specific place just before reaching the top of the mountain, you can sometimes hear a sound similar to that of a gunshot and see smoke coming out of the mountain. This happens again from time to time. A surveying engineer experienced this phenomenon in 1855. His story goes: “I first heard a few bangs that gradually became more frequent and stronger, then I heard a terrible noise as I witnessed a beam of light shooting horizontally out from the rock and into the middle of the fjord, where it dissolved and vanished. ” Why this happens, nobody knows for sure, however the locals have for years assumed that it is water being forced out of the mountain.

The Kjerag Rock, which is also known as Kjeragbolt, is a spot you must visit there. It is a 5 m³ stone wedged between two rock walls. It is possible to jump onto the boulder for a memorable picture. The picture says it all. Visiting Kjerag is a breathtaking experience of nature.

Isn’t enough for your eyes? There is another video for you to have a good look at the splendor views about Norway’s Fjords.

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