Fascinating Lawn Cherry Blossom in Japan

The breathtakingly beautiful cherry blossom in Japan is famous all over the world. When we think about cherry blossom, the first image in our head maybe those cute little pink flowers on the cherry tree, famous as Japanese sakura. But have you seen the sakura growing on the ground :P?

Shibazakura, meaning the lawn of cherry blossom in Japanese, shows the totally different beauty of cherry blossom. Here are the two best places to see Shibazakura in Japan.

At the foot of the highest mother mountain, Mt. Fuji, holds the Fuji Shibazakura festival which shows the amazing lawn made of over 800,000 pieces of cherry flowers every year.

The two versions of Mt. Fuji—the real one and the mini one made of white and pink cherry flowers is the must-visit spot here. Come and take your special Mt. Fuji picture!

Another place to enjoy the Shibazakura is in Hokkaido. Higashimokoto Shibazakura Park is just a paradise of pink!
The lawn cherry blossom here spreads over hillside for about 100,000 square meters.
When the flowers reach their full blossom, the whole pink view will spread like a velvet carpet and hold you with the fragrance of the flowers.

The Shibazakura will not only give you visual enjoyment, but also tasty enjoyment!
The park ‘s original’ Shibazakura ice cream comes from the inspiration of the sakura’s flavor and the light pink of spring.
Also, you can even enjoy onsen, the hot spring in Japanese, near the park at Shibazakura-no-yu, to refresh and get all the tiredness away!

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