Jumping into the Rabbit Hole in Portland, Jamaica

As most of us could imagine, jumping into a hole in the water is terrifying, but sometimes it isn’t. These people in the following video seem to enjoy it a lot.

You know that clip in Titanic when Rose says, “You jump, I jump”? Well, it probably would take the convincing of Leo himself to get me to jump down the hidden waterfall “rabbit hole” in Portland Parish, Jamaica.

If you’re lucky enough to venture to Jamaica’s east coast, make sure you don¡¯t miss Reach Falls. Located in the fishing village of Manchioneal, everything about this off-the-beaten path waterfall park is a delight. From the mountainous road leading to it¡ªthe falls are tucked amid the John Crow peaks¡ªthe jade-colored cascading waters and various pools, the 30-feet high waterfalls and the surrounding verdant rain forest, Reach Falls is a veritable paradise.

You’ll want a waterproof camera to capture the natural splendor. There are onsite local guides who will be happy to help you spelunk your way across the various swimming holes and levels, and show you the best spots. Or you can explore it solo. Because of its distance from tourism spots, there are no crowds, no harassment. Just an entrance fee to your very own Garden of Eden. Onsite changing rooms are available as you exit, by the parking lot.

Small fun fact: the falls appear in the Tom Cruise movie Cocktail.

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