Lantern Fest Share the Moment with the World

Remember the scene of flying lantern in the Disney movie Tangled? It was amazing. We can have a flash-back. Look at the pic next.

Got any memory back? Actually, you can experience it in real life now. Lantern Fest designed to illuminate the human spirit is right around you. Let’s go.

Lantern Fest is a national event happened at a lot of locations. You can choose one if you are willing to experience it.

Poconos, PA

Tooele, UT

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This lantern festival was an amazing experience that I highly recommend to experience before you die. It’s a great bucket list activity. Lantern festivals are found all over. You may be able to find a @lanternfest somewhere close by if you live in the US, you but there are tons of these all over. (This is not an ad). I hope you find one and launch your hopes and dreams into space, together with thousands of others. So much oxytocin and dopamine during one of these! Have you gone to one of these before? Do you want to go to one in the near future? I would put it in your list! #morehappy #positivepsychology #scienceofhappiness #happierlife #thegoodlife #happinesshacks #PERMA51 #beforeidie #beforeidiewall #beforeidieiwantto #bucketlists #bucketlist #adventureisoutthere #adventurelover #travelhappy #lifemeaning #lanternfestival #lanternfest #lanterns #tangledinreallife #tangled #atlastiseethelight

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There is Music.

Eat roasted marshmallow.

Not Only Marshmallow.

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Yesterday was pretty great #lanternfest ✨

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It’s a weekend adventure.

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#lanternfestival #lanternfest

Sunny ? (@munnysak) 分享的帖子 ·

Here is the time-table of the event. Maybe you can choose one.

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