Back in the day, world travelers used postcards and telegrams to tell those left back at home that they were a-okay, but nowadays, modern technology and social media mean that it’s a lot easier to keep in touch with friends and family. Still, when Jonathan Quinonez, a 27-year-old from Brussels found himself in Cuba with poor connectivity, he came up with an ingenious way to check in with his mother at home – an Instagram account called @momimfine.

He told LADBible“When I arrived there, with the time difference, the Communist party blocking the internet and the prices of phone calls, it was difficult to communicate with my friends and family. Mums are always worried. Especially mine. It was complicated to be in contact with her so I decided to give a positive message and show her that the world is a beautiful place and that I am fine.”

The results are hilarious, as Jonathan poses with a sign saying “Mom I’m Fine” in a seemingly unending stream of exotic locations. He’s amassed nearly 30,000 followers on Instagram and seems to show no signs of running out of steam.

There are thousands of ways to express our concerns about your families and Jonathan chooses the special one. It also enlightens all of us that we can always share our happiness with those who love us, even when we are on the road. At last, salute to Jonathan.

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