Northern Light in Senja-Symbol of Norway

Senja is Norway’s second largest island and is known not only for its Northern Lights potential, but also for being one of the region’s most idyllic spots with a beautiful and rich natural landscape.

Here you can enjoy the sea and land-based Arctic activities by day and keep watch for the Northern Lights by night, all against a backdrop of fairytale-like fjords and idyllic fishing villages.

The island is known locally as ‘Norway in miniature’ as visitors to the island will no doubt appreciate when they look upon the rich and contrasting scenery which includes rugged mountains, white beaches, open seas and rivers. All kind of stunning scenery is displayed here alongside, of course, the towering beauty of the fjords which dominate the landscape.

Humpback and killer whale watching season starts in December and the whales stay by the coast of Senja until late February.

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