Find the Perfect Blue in Capri

There is a piece of perfect blue in Capri, Italy.

The Blue Grotto (Italian: Grotto Azzura) is a must-see sea cave on the coast of the island of Capri. If you have some vacation this summer, why not pay a visit there. You would be overwhelmed by the perfect blue.

The cave is hiding behind a small entry which is about 2 meters wide and 1 meter high. People can only access in when the tides are low and the sea is calm. It’s a little wired but exciting to lie on the boat to enter the cave. One thing you need to know is that swimming is forbidden in the Blue Grotto.

The unique color of the water is not because of the water itself. It is a combination of several factors. The water depth, clarity, and the light source contribute to the color. The water inside the cave seems to be brilliant blue and the water outside the cave is light emerald, which is a little magic.

Another thing you need to try is to place something into the water in the cave. The objects in the water appear silver. WHY? It’s the tiny bubbles in the water that cover the surface of the object. The bubbles refract the light differently and give a silver effect.

Apart from the Blue Grotto, there are other views that you can not miss.

Capri, known in Greek mythology as the isle of the sirens is one of the most picturesque and accessible locations in Italy. The island has a mythical charm, and its breathtaking landscapes stretch from the rocky caves around the island to the edge of the horizon and have been an inspiration to poets and travelers throughout the centuries.

The food there is a topic we must talk, too.

I have some traditional Dishes on the Island of Capri to recommend:

  • Ravioli Caprese: fresh pasta filled with ricotta cheese and majoram, tossed with a sauce of fresh tomatoes. Any home cook on Capri can make this dish, and it’s featured on most restaurant menus.
  • Caprese Salad: a simple dish of fresh tomatoes and mozzarella, topped with a few leaves of basil, a sprinkle of salt, and a drizzle of olive oil. According to legend, this salad was invented by the chef at the Quisisana Hotel as an homage to Italy during a Futurism convention.
  • Torta Caprese: locals on Capri call this simply “almond cake”, but it is known off the island as “torta caprese”. By any name, it’s a delicious sweet torte made with chocolate and almonds, perfect for celiacs as it is flourless.
  • Limoncello: a liqueur common on Capri and the entire Amalfi Coast. It is made my macerating local lemons in alcohol and then blending the infusion with a sugar syrup. This is the perfect way to end a meal.

Some restaurant serves up pasta, fish, meat and if there is something not on the menu that you would really love, don’t be afraid to ask something you like! Enjoying your meal by the sea is a vibrate experience you would talk after many years.

At last, some tip might help you plan your trip:

  • At the cave entrance, you must purchase a ticket from the floating ticket office and board a rowboat to enter. This is included in most boat tours.
  • Due to the low cave entrance, the Blue Grotto is only open when weather conditions permit.
  • You’ll have to wait to enter the cave aboard small, open-air rowboats, so bring a hat and sunblock.
  • The journey to the Blue Grotto is not recommended for those who suffer from seasickness.
  • Once inside the cave, many rowboat skippers will treat you to a melody for a small tip.

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