Top 5 Incredible National Parks in the USA!

Experience the country’s most wonderful national parks!! America is an unfathomably vast and sprawling land. These national parks in the USA are full of breathtaking natural wonders. Whether you’re climbing Half Dome in Yosemite or waiting for a herd of buffalo to cross the road in Yellowstone, you’ll no doubt leave with some beautiful memories. The warm spring will soon be over. Take the opportunity to experience the joy of hiking with your family or friends.

1. Yosemite National Park

Towering slabs of sticky granite towering 3,000 feet above the valley floor. Rivers and epic waterfalls galore. Alpine trekking and world-class rock climbing routes. Giant Sequoia trees. Yosemite Park in north-central California has been inspiring people for centuries. There are also numerous hiking trails, including ones that travel through the picturesque Tuolumne Meadows and to the towering Vernal Fall. The park is world-renowned for its rock climbing, but you can also partake in more traditional park activities like camping, fishing and bird-watching.

2. Zion National Park

Sitting pretty in southwestern Utah, Zion National Park provides some of the most unique color palettes found in nature. Zion distinct desert landscape features plenty of steep red-walled canyons, beautiful rock formations, emerald pools, slot canyons, rivers, and waterfalls. The precipitous cliffs that define the park transition from cream to pink to red as they rise, and they are complemented by the park’s beautiful sunsets and often clear skies. There are lifetimes worth of hiking and exploring to be done here.

3. Yellowstone National Park

The first national park in the USA – Yellowstone National Park is best known for Old Faithful, the Grand Prismatic Spring, Mammoth Hot Springs and other geothermal features. Spread across Wyoming, Montana and Idaho, this massive park boasts a variety of gorgeous attractions, including Yellowstone Lake, Hayden Valley and Lamar Valley. Hike along the gorgeous Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. People come from the world over to take in the spectacular geothermal activity that has transformed Yellowstone’s landscapes into something otherworldly.

  • PS: Don’t try to swim in the Hot Springs whatever you do!!

4. Grand Canyon National Park

Located in northwestern Arizona, the Grand Canyon is an awe-inspiring place. For more than a century, tourists from all over the world have visited the Grand Canyon to experience its wonderful vistas. This national park and UNESCO World Heritage site consists of an 18-mile-wide and 1-mile-deep gorge, which was carved by the Colorado River. There are a variety of trails to appeal to both seasoned hikers (Bright Angel Trail) and first-time adventurers (Rim Trail). The best time to visit is Winter, Spring, and Fall.

  • PS: The most dangerous animal in the park is the rock squirrel. To stay safe, do not approach or feed any animals found at Park!!

5. Sequoia National Park

Sequoia National Park is famous for its massive Sequoia trees: the biggest trees in the world!! The air smells different. There seems to be more available oxygen than normal. In addition to the huge trees, rugged peaks, sunshine-filled canyons, awesome hiking trails, and abundant wildlife… the cave systems are something unto themselves. The underground Crystal Cave features cool streams and impressive rock formations. The Best Time to Visit is Spring and Fall.

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