Wizarding World, The Harry Potter Warner Bro Studio

I was 5 when the first Harry Potter Movie opened in theaters in 2001. My friends dragged me to watch the movie. Ever since then, I have been glued to the series for years. Flying brooms, fantastic beasts, platform 9 ¾ , and the strike from the tip of the wand, everything is magical in the fascinating movie. I always wish that I would be enrolled into Hogwarts one day. I believe there are so many of you dreaming the same dream as I do. Now we get the chance to experience the wizarding world. Welcome to the Harry Potter Warner Bro Studio in London.

The whole Harry Potter tour features props, costumes and movie sets from the movie. It just couldn’t be more real as if you actually stepped into the movie.

From the cupboard under the stairs where Harry spend his lonely childhood to the grand Great Hall of Hogwarts, every detail is revived by the delicate design and arrangement.  You can even meet some characters from the movie, actually some £day after all.

Before you head to London to visit the enchanting studio, here are some tips which may help you:


First of all, You need to purchase your tickets online in advance. You might be the lucky one to get your ticket at last minuet but most of the time you are the unlucky one.


There is an official tool built to help you to plan the trip via rail, car or shuttle. It was super easy to use the London over ground rail to get to Watford where the Warner Bros. shuttle head to the studios. It took about an hour but cost less than £5 (each way) on the rail and £2 (return) for the Warner Bros. shuttle.


There is no food provided inside the studio, but you can bring some picnic lunch and enjoy it in the backlot of the studio. One more thing to recommend is the butterbeer here, which is about £3.


You wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity of getting a picture of you ridding on a broomstick as the Christmas card. It would be funny but you need to prepare to pay for the picture and wait in line. You can pass the Great Hall straight to the green screen before others visit from beginning. You can definitely save sometime for other sets.


Be careful! You can easily bankrupt inside the gift shop here. No kidding. There are so many things you want to bring home. I would bring the whole set home if possible. But with a tight budget is okay. You can always take as many photos as you want. Memories last!

Apart from what I mentioned above, I believe you would find something new when you get the chance to visit there. Remember to send me your broomstick picture!

At last, I want to recommend a local travel agency for you. Evan Evans offers not only Harry Potter Studio tour but also many other London attractions. They help you plan your trip better.

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